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Carol Arvin Bellingham Counseling
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Compassionate Counseling for Life's Challenges


I am a licensed mental health counselor practicing in Bellingham, Washington.

I can help:

  • with depression, anxiety, confusion, despair, panic and other emotionally difficult states
  • with life changes that are causing disturbance: breakups, new family configurations, and other relationship difficulties
  • with job dissatisfaction or changes that require new ways of thinking and doing
  • with grieving losses (death/divorce/separation) that might be making it hard to function
  • with cultural/societal issues that are impacting your life
  • with a spiritual or identity crisis
  • with a desire to have a fuller, more creative, more authentic life
  • with accessing and expressing your experiences and feelings

I serve:

  • adults of all ages
  • parents looking for support and fresh ideas
  • people whose first language is Spanish ~ se habla espaƱol
  • individuals from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, religious backgrounds, education and income levels
  • lesbian, gay, and bisexual people looking for an accepting and supportive atmosphere

In my work with you, I am committed to:

  • being caring and non-judgmental
  • starting at the point where you find yourself
  • seeing symptoms more as information than problems
  • creating a safe place to do this very personal work
  • honoring whatever spiritual tradition you follow, if any
  • considering all the parts of the self: cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual
  • continuing to do my own personal work and participating in consultation/supervision
  • furthering my education and training for as long as I am doing this work
  • being clear about policies, rights and responsibilities